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The driving force that makes up Meacham Sport Horses! Claire's already very busy days now also involve baby Sophia, and whilst working a non-horsey full time job, she is also foaling 5 mares, teaching and running the yard - no one can ever question her commitment to what she is passionate about!


Dave doesn't really have an exact title except from Yard Groom, top-mucker outer and general lifesaver! We couldn't do it without him, and we're very grateful to have Dave as part of our team. 


It is down to Michele, Claire's Mother, that Meacham Sport Horses is running today. Michele set up Meacham Stud over 30 years ago, allowing Claire to grow up around the horses and develop the love for what she now does. Michele still plays a vital role in the stud and there is no doubt the stud wouldn't be where it was without Michele's knowledge.


Having trained Morgan since a child, it's been lovely to watch him progress over the years and now have him as part of our team! Morgan comes in and rides for us several times a week.


Claire's very devoted other half - top groom, yard hand and all round dedicated person! 

His experience with calving has also been a godsend throughout foaling seasons!


Bruno needs no introduction, with over 12 years of producing and competing horses up to Grand Prix level and an international show record we are incredibly grateful to have Bruno to help with our ever-growing team of Horses!

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